Super RCA Interconnect


When combined with better system components, Super RCA Interconnect comes another step closer to realizing the richness, authority, and spaciousness of the best music sources. Every length of Transparent Super RCA Interconnect has its own network design calibrated for that specific length and type of cable so that all the Super cables in a system perform at the same level, regardless of their individual lengths. Super networks and cable work together to reject noise for cleaner, clearer, more focused signal transmission. Super transfers audio signals more efficiently and over a wider range than Plus, resulting in greater musical impact and realism. Super level cables works exceedingly well with virtually any type of system component so they do not require factory calibration when changing system components.

Super RCA Interconnects are upgradeable to Ultra level interconnects and above


Standard termination: RCA > RCA

Cable Transparent RCA Super -SSE-

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